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Austrian Castles, Irish Castles

You will see on Castle Mania not only European castles (including Irish castles, Austrian Castles, French Castles, German, Finland, Denmark, Swedish and other castles), but also you can look through castles from other parts of the world. Take your time End enjoy!


What if someone told you that for the price of a few pints you could spend the night in Irish castles? Or, that one of the best places to sleep while vacationing in Canada’s capital is a jail cell? If your response is that your informant has probably been kissing the Blarney Stone or guzzling the Guinness, you’re in for a surprise. In fact, the castle and prison are just two examples of historic buildings that have been converted into hostels in recent decades.

Treasured by budget travelers for their utility and affordability, these hostels are also tourist attractions in their own right. Foulksrath Midevil times Castle is a fine example of a successful transformation. When this 15th century Norman Tower House was slated for demolition in 1946, the community rallied and saved it by turning it into a popular hostel.

Seated in lush, peaceful farmland about eight km (five miles) outside of the frenetic tourist town of Kilkenny, the castle’s eight-feet-thick (2.5 m) stone walls and arrow-slit windows look cold and forbidding, but step inside and it’s a different story. Foulksrath is reminiscent of W.B. Yeats’ infamous 16th century Irish castles, Thoor Ballylee, in Gort town.


This castle is truly a home away from home. On the first floor, you’ll find a fully-equipped kitchen where you can cook dinner or make a cup of tea. If you’re tired, just sit back in one of the wing-backed chairs in front of the fireplace in the common room. The steep, circular stone staircase (haunted, they say, by a female ghost) leads to three dormitory rooms holding 12 to 22 beds each, so this isn’t the place to take your prince or princess for an intimate getaway.


On the other hand, the price is right, around €12 per night (US$ 15) and the communal sleeping arrangement is historically more accurate than today’s prettified luxury castles. After all, people in the Midevil Times didn’t sleep in private en-suite bedrooms, but in great halls filled with beds for the entire family. Take your time in Irish Castles as long as you want!


Irish Castles and Austrian castles are considered to be ones of the most exciting castles in the world. The case is not only in their beauty, but these awesome structures differ from others antient or medieval castles.



Midevil Times Castles

Neuschwanstein Castle

The most beautiful of mad King Ludwig's castles, Neuschwanstein was the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty's castle in Disneyland.
The king was discovered drowned in a lake along with his physician before it could be finished.
This is probably because he bankrupted the government by building several palaces like this at once.








One of the biggest midevil times castles - Dromoland Castle, Ireland

As the sun continued it's journey towards the United States, the emblazoned clouds gave up their coat of color, taking on the deeper blue hue of the impending night. Meanwhile, the lights that illuminate this medieval castle have come on and are adding their own hue to this ever changing scene I have been witnessing. During the summers this Irish castle's famous for it's operas. There is a stage set up within it's walls, and seating for somewhere between 1000 and 2000 people.


There are interesting and beautiful midevil castles not only in Europe! For example, good-looking and quite modern Buenos Aires Castle.

Buenos Aires Castle, Argentina





Irish castles, Austrian castles, French castles. Look. Read. Enjoy!

Sigtuna is the earliest, still existing, Swedish town.
Join the walk along Stora gatan, our main street, which has been in use since 980 AD!

Welcome to visit the old and well known town of Sigtuna – Sweden’s first town.

This little town has it all – history, beauty and exciting tales to tell. A guide will bring you on a historical journey to Midevil times.

The theme can be history, famous writers, tales of the many runic stones or the history of the churches.
Or why not let our guides play people from the past and serve you some titbits from a long time ago?







Castle Castillo Y Parador during break in the rain. One of the most gorgeous medieval castles!

Castle of the Siguenza Bishops, now restored as a Parador Hotel.



Remnants of Dublin Medieval Castle in Dublin, Irish Castles



Castle Heidelberg, Germany

Seems impossible after all this time I haven't included landmark Heidelberg is known for...DUN DUN DUNNNN Castle! The more amazing sight is the blue sky.
Heidelberg was found in the late 12th century. It's a place that must be visited. It was rainy and it was difficult to get a good shot off. This castle is built of Red Neckar sandstone (it's on the Neckar River) and is a great example of German Renaissance architecture.


Here comes popular Austrian castles.

Castle Festung Hohensalzburg, Salzburg, Austrian castles

Hohensalburg is one of the most picturesque Austrian castles-fortresses of midevil times that sits on the summit of the Monchsberg, approximately 400 feet above the Salzach River. You can climb stairs or ride a funicular to the top of Festung castle for a splendid view in all directions. It's square in the middle of downtown Salzburg, so you cannot miss it, even if you tried. This midevil times castle was built in 1077, and the present form took shape around 1500.


Castle Belvedere, Austian Castles


Schloss Schoenbrunn, Austrian Castles


Lower Belvedere, Austrian Castles

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Castle Venlaw, Peebles, Ireland

Look through Midevil times

Abbaye de Fontevraud, France

Amboise Chateau, France

Balynahinh Castle, Irish Castles

Ballyhannon Castle, Ireland

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Midevil times Irish castles, Austrian castles

Blarney Castle, Irish Castles

Dromoland Castle, Irish Castles


Castle Chateau de Commarque Dordogne, France

Irish Castles

Sigtuna - Castle Church, Sweden

Castillo Y Parador (Castle Parador)

Castle Cuote d'Azur, France


Castle Heidelberg, Germany


Castle Savonlinna, Finland


Castle Loughcutra, Austrian Castles

Castle Fanningstown, Ireland


Castle Cloghan, Ireland


Irish Castles

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