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Get in a little closer and voila - a very nice moat that surrounds it. This and the following few shots were taken in sequence around the moat.

That fortress Chenonceau was built in 1554 by Frans Brockenhuus, who cut down an oak forest to build the Fortress in the middle of the lake. It now belongs to the Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille family and has since 1784, Medieval Times.


On the island of Anglesey lies Bearmaris Fortress, and the town with the second longest name in the world- Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwll- llantyslilogogogoch. (The longest is somewhere in New Zealand.) Fortress Anglesey is on the northern coast of Wales, separated from the mainland by the 3/4 mile wide Menai Strait. From the town of Holyhead ferries start their journey to Ireland.

The Fortress of Beaumaris was also built at Medieval Times in 1295 by Edward I, arranged completely with a live moat, by Edward I.


I would recommend more that the two days we spent in Wales. There are many castles and abbeys, from Tinturn near Cardiff to Tenby, Harlech, Anglesey, and over to Conwy in the north. Also, Wales is mountainous, and outside of Cardiff, Welsh is primarily spoken. Quest to Medieval Times!


Fortress Bevel-Suomenlinna, Denmark

Bunratty Fortress, Ireland

Medieval Times fortress Europe Bunratty, near Shannon, was built in the early 1400's by the McNamara's. It's quite an impressive block of stone, and it's in a pretty setting, if a bit touristy with the folk park next door. There are hotels conveniently next door, should you choose to have an extended visit.




Now look at unique Fortified City Carcassone

Fortified city Carcassonne, Fortress, Europe, France

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Fortress Château de Chenonceau, France

Fortress Europe, Fortress Esilift

Beaumaris Fortress, Beaumaris, Wales


Fortress Bevel-Egeskov, Denmark

fortress esilift

Bunratty Fortress, Ireland

City-Fortress Carcassone, French Castles

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