Midevil times. Austrian castles and other Midevil castles

Spectacular pictures, history of many fabulous Midevil Times castles, Austrian castles, Irish castles, Lighthouses, Fortresses and Prison

See many Midevil times Irish castles, Austrian castles, other Medieval castles



Midevil Times. Irish, Austrian castles

Today there are still areas to explore, things to discover right under our feet.
Archaeologists are continuously busy uncovering and mapping our history. You must have heard about such famous and popular structures of the world as Alcatraz Prison, midevil times Neuschwanstein Castle, Dublin Castle or fortified city Carcassonne! But have you seen any of them? And will you see them?

Castle Mania will help you with the answer. Here you will see different beautiful and spectacular constructions of the world such as Irish castles, Austrian castles, French castles, lighthouses, fortresses, other castles of Midevil times, and even Alcatraz Prison.


Structures of Midevil Times. Lighthouse pictures

Also on Castle Mania you can find pictures and photos of Alcatras prison, most glamorous of midevil times castles, lighthouses, fortresses.

It is much more interesting not only see such sightseeings, but know about them too. Read on pages of Castle Mania history of foundation of Ejyptian lighthouses and what really happened to Alcatraz.

Not many castles, lighthouses, fortresses left from ancient and midevil times. See many of them on Castle Mania. Also it is not hard to find another thrilling information, because all you see here is already considered to be exciting, interesting and cognitive.






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Explore Austrian castles, Irish castles of Midevil times, lighthouses, fortresses, Alcatras on Castle Mania
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